Anlerr TIVA Vaporizer Technical

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Temperature Control:

1)The TIVA is capable of reaching any temperature within the ranged of 300-435℉/149-224℃.

2)By holding the power button for 3 seconds,you can alternate between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature.

3)The TIVA comes equipped with a built in memory function,and will automatically heat to your last temperature selected when turned on.

4)USE the “+ “or “-” button,you can increase or decease the desired temperature when it is heating, 1℉ or 1℃ is a grade,the temperature adjust can be circulate (it will back to 300℉ when the temperature increased to 435℉and keep press “+” button;it will back to 435℉ when the temperature decreased to 300℉ and keep press “-” button).

5)Blue light will be blinking when it is heating,will be lighting all the time when reach setting temperature.

OLED Display:

1)OLED display will show when work normally: Battery Power,Setting Temperature or heating temperature.

2)Battery Low: OLED Shows “LOW voltage”.

The red light will blink 10 times and show “LOW voltage” when device is nearly out of power in the working time,then turn off automatically to protect battery.

The red light will blink 5 times and show “LOW voltage” when it is heating,and then turn off automatically.

3)Temperature Heat Detector Malfunction:OLED shows “CHEEK NTC”

4)Heating Chamber Checking Malfunction:OLED shows “CHEEK FPC”.


1)The charging current is 700mA,please use 5V 1000mA charger to charge.

2)A full charge is recommended before first use.

3)The blue light will blink when it is charging,will light all the time when full charged,voltage is 4.15V to 4.2V.

4)It will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hour to charge full.

5)The TIVA will stop heating when charging in its working time,and enter into charging situation to protect battery.


1.Battery can work about 40 minutes consecutively  after full charge.

2.Temperature Range:300F-435℉(149-224℃)

3.Battery: 3.7V 16450 840mah Li battery.

4.Charger Standard: 5V/1000mah.

5.Max Work Current: 5A

6.Ceramic Heating Chamber Resistant and Max Out Watts:0.7ohm,23Watts.

7.System protection:over charging protection,short circuit protection.

8.Working Time: 5 minutes per circle.