Epen Electric Heating Tool


1.Suitable Type: WAX 

2.Size: 96*12mm 

3.Material: aluminum+ceramic 

4.Battery: 350mAh / 7-11w

5.Tips: CERAMIC,0.9-1.1 ohm

6.Battery: 510 Screw, can match atomizer of CBD/THC/WAX.

7.Charging time: 30 mins to charge,Lasts at least 50 uses per charge +  

8.USB Port: Type-C. 

9.Heating Time: your wax oil drops off in 3 seconds.

10.Mode style:heating loading tool battery mode,CBD battery modes

11.Caution:tip gets very hot - use cap to store when finished


*Anlerr patent original design

* Electronic heated loading tool helps load your wax in a simple, clean, effective,cool process.

* Vaporizer accessory Anlerr EPen electric wax tool melt your wax totally in 3 seconds.

*The heated loarding tools is with 510 screw,can match the 510 battery.  And the battery can match your cbd/thc/wax atomizer too.