• ANLERR Takes You To Know"E-cigarettes is Harmful or Helpful"2017-06-05

    ANLERR Takes You To Know"E-cigarettes is Harmful or Helpful"What do the e-cigarettes can bring to us?Harmful or helpful?There are different toughs for e-cigarette is harmful or helpful?Some one think, e-cigarette is harmful.Because it has no different fro

  • ANLERR Pipe Shape Dry Herb Vaporizer with temperature control2017-06-05

    As we all know,there are different dry herb vaporizer pipes in the market,like water pipe,glass pipe,wood pipe.But all these dry herb pipes are traditional pipes,there work by burning the dry herb.ANLERR Pipe Shape Dry Herb Vaporizer with temperature cont

  • 2017 Best Portable Vaporizers for Herb,Cannabis,Weed2017-06-03

    At present, the best dry herb vaporizers Ploom Pax digital vaporizers,Firefly temperature control vaporizer,the Mighty vaporizer by Storz,Arizer Air vaporizer,Davinci Ascent portable vaporizers kit,Grenco sc

  • US Has Had E-cigarette Standard UL81392017-06-03

    In before,people were talking the FDA rules of e cigarette all the time,and people are fighting with the FDA goverment to win a more loose e-cigarette standard. The fda approved ecigarette is hard to reach.We dont know what standard will the FDA has,but T

  • Anlerr New Website Is on Line on June 1st2017-05-15

    Today is June 01th,2017,it is Children's Day in China.Kids are enjoying their happy day which they have waiting for several monthes.But it is a very important day for ANLERR vaporizer manufacturer,today ANLERR vaporizer's new website is on line.

  • Which is 2018 trend? dry herb vaporizer,heat not burn ecig,cbd vape pen2018-04-25

    What is the ecig trend in 2018? The box mod? The RDTA atomizer? The disposable ecig? The old ego electronic cigarette? The dry herb vaporizer? The wax dab vape? The heat not burn ecig? The Cbd vape pen? The flat small ecig for eliquid?