• FDA Postponed the Register Time of Vape Pen Cigarette to 20222017-08-01

    In May 2017, Scott Gottlieb (Scott Gottlieb) was the new director of the US FDA after the Congress vote. At that time, there are many media predict that is good news for the US vape pen and e cigarette industry . However, we never think this good news is

  • UK Let Go Off the Vaporizers Policy2017-07-29

    Recently,the UK Ministry of Health public the new 5 years plan of tobacco control,and will abolish the ban of no smoking in public place and inner office and to reduce the smoking ratio maximum in local.This will help ecigs,vaporizers are more popular in

  • How To USE ANLERR M708 Twist Blunt Smoking Pipe2017-07-18

    How To USE ANLERR M708 Twist Blunt Smoking Pipe: ---How to Lighting the M708: Hold a lighter up to the bowl after packing the M708 Twist Blunt Smoking Pipe. Hold the flame in front of the material,but do not hold the lighter under the glass bowl,and do

  • What to Consider When Buying Dry Herb Vaporizers2017-07-11

    Are you looking for a vaporizers which helps you to enjoy the benefits of different herbs,leaves,flowers? A dry herb vaporizers can help you to enjoy a purer health vaping instead of toxic smoke of traditional smoking. Dry herb is the most popular materia

  • Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison for ANLERR Tiva VS TITAN 22017-06-30

    With time went,the vaporizer market has been more and more mature.People can easy to find many kinds of dry herb vaporizer.But it is easy to find bad quality dry herb vaporizer if dont know well before making decision to buy a true qualified dry herb vapo

  • Sales Cooperation Contract of ANLERR Dry Herb Vaporizer2017-06-16

    Customers who cooperates with ANLERR need to sign sales contract to protect mutual benefits. Sales Cooperation Contract of ANLERR Dry Herb Vaporizer ​To avoid malignant competition by price war,to avoid new excellent vaporizers are killed by chaos marke