ANLERR Takes You To Know"E-cigarettes is Harmful or Helpful"

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ANLERR Takes You To Know"E-cigarettes is Harmful or Helpful"

What do the e-cigarettes can bring to us?Harmful or helpful?There are different toughs for e-cigarette is harmful or helpful?

Some one think, e-cigarette is harmful.Because it has no different from smoking if the e liquid has nicotine. And the material and the ecig tool itself may including toxic gas,dust.

But ANLERR wants to say E-cigarettes is less harmful for people than real cigarettes and it is helpful for quit smoking.There are option for nicotine, like 0mg,6mg,ect, people can choice the suitable nicotine contain. The electronic cigarette tool will no harm if the materials are environment health and food standard.So high quality electronic cigarette is the only option for smokers.

E cigarette contains dry herb vaporizer,eliquid electronic cigarette,oil vaporizer, wax vaporizer,and etc.It isnot right to say e cigarettes hasnot any harmful. Because electronic cigarette will be harmful if with low quality,like the poison material,the dirty producing process, the bad design etc.

E cigarettes is a new tech in 21 century,and people should protect new industry's development.As an experience e-cigarettes supplier,ANLERR vaporizer manufacturer doesnot deny E-cigarettes will not have any harmful,because no item is totally safe for people,even the air. But ANLERR can share E-cigarettes has been approved by the world which is helpful for quit smoking and less harmful than smoking.

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