What Should We Consider before Stating ODM vaporizers vape projects?

Release date: 2018-08-07 browsing: 0

With the fierce compete and low profit for common vaporizers, many vaporizer dealer,wholesaler,distributors start to make their own dry herb vaporizer and other vaporizers. In my mind,this is a good idea to build reputation,and avoid fierce compete and price war etc. But there are still something to consideration before making vaporizer ODM projects. 

Following are some consideration offered by anlerr vaporizer manufacturer who are professional in self design dry herb vaporizer,heat not burn vaporizer and good at OEM especially ODM vaporizer service. 

Make your own vaporizer (ODM) isnot easy, because there means higher cost,longer develop time,more MOQ and more risk.

Cost ODM will increase: prototype fee,mould open fee, and high unit price than common one.

Long develop time: ODM need prepare idea, drawing,make prototype,and mould open time, and production trial time.

In general is 3-6 months if the supplier do work with high effective.

More MOQ: ODM has MOQ requirement, it isnot 500pcs as OEM.

More risk: ODM project may dont means better selling if the customer dont like the design or other reasons.

So we only suggest customer do ODM when their selling,the budget plan,and following marketing are good. 

What is your opinion about ODM vaporizer projects?