British American Tobacco Tobbaco Companies Acquisition The Vuse

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British American Tobacco Companies acquisition Vsue,the world's leading brand of electronic cigarettes!
Recently, the global tobacco giant British American Tobacco companies announced the steam electronic cigarette and other new products into the company's core business after acquisition the well-known electronic cigarettes brand Vuse officially, 
British American Tobacco has already owned a 42% stake in Reynolds US. But in October last year, would also like to bid $ 47 billion acquisition of Reynolds remaining 58% of the shares, but was directors refused by Reynolds US company .
Finally, British American Tobacco complete the Renault US remaining 57.8% stake in the acquisition with 49.4 billion US dollars,and it finally keeps the United States Renault's electronic cigarette brand Vuse officially incorporated.
After that, BAT announced that its new type of tobacco vaporizers is rapidly developing into a key part of the company's mainstream business," and of course including the heat no burn vaporizers.
As the world's leading brand of electronic cigarettes, Vuse has nearly 70,000 retail outlets, the total sales accounted for 32.7% of the US sales of electronic cigarettes, this market share is difficult for other electronic cigarette enterprises to over.
Vuse electronic cigarettes products is well known by its convenience, as long as the battery at the smoke bombs, press together, the electronic cigarette can be used. In addition, Vuse electronic cigarette can also be linked through the mobile phone by Vuse APP, you can use the phone to understand the use of the battery and the remaining components of the smoke bomb.
In the United States, the sale of non-US-made tobacco-related products is very difficult, British American Tobacco acquisition of Vuse officially in order to open the US vaporizer,ecig market; coupled with their own electronic cigarette brand Vype, British American Tobacco is bound to electronic cigarette into the company's core business. With the global leader in tobacco giants, the development of e-cigarette industry in the next few years may be more robust.
BAT also decided to double the global market for sales of electronic cigarettes and other vaporizer products this year and plans to double by 2018.