Italy Ecig and Vaporizer Market and Its Policy

Release date: 2017-08-15 browsing: 0

As we all know,Italy ecig market reached booming in 2012 to 2013 earlier,but it was down for policy and over supply.From 2013 to 2014,the ecig and vaporizer supplier even rarely hear italy market,and payed less attention on Italy market.

With time goes away,the investigate show,from 2015 - 2016 Italian ecig and vaporizer market was continued high growth, the electronic cigarette users increased by 2.5-3 times, the country has more than 1,200 electronic cigarette store, the market has reached the peak of the market as 2013.
Italy ecig and vaporizer market started from 2012,and primary products such as ego, CE4, or intermediate products such as low-power regulator box, or high-end players such as high-power box products and mechanical rods, have a stable user groups.And now Consumers are more mature, do not blindly pursue high-tech ecig products, but according to their own needs to choose the most appropriate ecig and vaporizer products.

In addition, the Italian media do a great support on ecig and vaporizer,they also began to report and disseminate a variety of electronic cigarette information, greatly promoted the healthy development of the market.

At the same time,Italy to TPD regulations minimum implementation of the country, it is currently the most looser country in Europe. It is expected that the size of the Italian electronics market this year will be close to 300 million euros, an increase of 300% over the previous year.This benign growth is still continuing, there will have more users choose electronic cigarette, the store will continue to open in small and medium cities.  

As an vaporizer manufacturer,anlerr technology believe in that more and more countries will believe more and more countries have a looser policy for vaporizer and ecig.