FDA Postponed the Register Time of Vape Pen Cigarette to 2022

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In May 2017, Scott Gottlieb (Scott Gottlieb) was the new director of the US FDA after the Congress vote. At that time, there are many media predict that is good news for the US vape pen and e cigarette industry . However, we never think this good news is coming so fast. Gottlie brings good news when he only took the position only for two months or so!

On July 28, the US Food and Drug Administration released a new announcement on the official website, announcing a new comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation, saying: "A new guidelines for implementing policies will soon be released" to postpone the registration of vape pen and electronic cigarette products.Accounted from now,that means there are 5 years! There are five years, it seems that the US vape pen and e cigarette market will be good again!Although the US FDA also issued a statement, postponed the product registration time in last year. But this time to delay the application for registration date, the nature is completely different!

The The postponement of the product registration date, not delayed a few months, nor delayed 1 year, but delayed 4 years! Postponed to August 8, 2022.

"If Gottley Secretary does not have the leadership of , more than 99 percent of the steam products on the market today will be Forbidden in the 15-month period," said Gregory Conley, chairman of the American Association of Chartered Dealers.However, fundamentally speaking, this is the essence of the FDA's vape pen and e cigarette control or no modification, by 2022, the FDA's control will still kill the vast majority of US vape pen and electronic cigarette brand.

"If Gottley is really hoping to reduce death and disease over the long term, this announcement should be the first step in many of the FDA regulatory processes," said Gregory Conley.

It is said it is technical problem of internet, this time the FDA realized that even if the cigarettes in the nicotine content reduced to zero, it may not reduce the health hazards of smoking.It can be seen that this major regulatory adjustment is intended to encourage smokers to breathe less harmful e cigarette.
After the announcement, the US and British major tobacco companies plunged. Marco Polis International Inc. fell 1.66%, while the world's largest tobacco producer lost about $ 26 billion in its market value, according to Altria Group, which fell more than 9% and Marco Poles rose 7.40%.

This is a great victory of the fight with FDA, but we need to know how do we win? it is the results of long term fight from many vape pen and e cigarette companies,Associate, Organizations" As we dont know much about the US companies and organisations who have do efforts on this fighter,so we cant list their name here,and thanks for all of them. Here,we only Special thanks to SEVIA USA, VTA, CASAA, AVA, SFATA Association for the support of the steam business and pay!