UK Let Go Off the Vaporizers Policy

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Recently,the UK Ministry of Health public the new 5 years plan of tobacco control,and will abolish the ban of no smoking in public place and inner office and to reduce the smoking ratio maximum in local.

In early,reports from UK national Bureau of Statistics shows,quantity of adult smoker has decreased rapidly with the increase demand of vaporizers. In 2016,there are only 15.58% smoking among UK adult,it was obviously lower than 17.2% in 2015. The UK smoking ratio decrease is the result of efforts from many parts.In 2015, shops were stopped to sell cigarettes,vaporizers;In 2016,the law to sell cigarettes,vaporizers has reformed.And in 2017,UK starts to implement Paperback method to limit vaporizers,cigarettes selling.

Except the related tobacco control policy,the effort of vaporizers,ecigs have make great contribution to it.There are 2.90 million smokers in UK,and 30% used the vaporizers and ecigs as cigarette replacement.

The UK Ministry of Health said,"there are more and more proof shows,the harmless of vaporizers and ecigs are decreased".

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