Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison for ANLERR Tiva VS TITAN 2

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With time went,the vaporizer market has been more and more mature.People can easy to find many kinds of dry herb vaporizer.But it is easy to find bad quality dry herb vaporizer if dont know well before making decision to buy a true qualified dry herb vaporizer.Today Anlerr Technology shares dry herb comparise of original anlerr tiva vs original titan vaporizer with you to help you get a more suitable dry herb vaporizer.

Similar for Original anlerr tiva and Original titan II:
Firstly,Both are non combustion dry herb vaporizer pen,using the heat non burning high tech to heat the herb. The herb,leaf is applyed into the heating chamber and they do not make direct contact with the a flame or hot coil; instead, the air is heated and is passed through the herbs, absorbing their aromas and ensuring that the user is inhaling only the purest form of vapor.
Secondly,Both temperature control dry herb vaporizer which use the different temperature to control the heating effective.So vaper can have a more suitable vaping heat by choose different temperature.
Thirdly.Both are with OLED display which used to show temperature,power etc information.It is make the temperature control is more visiable.
Lastly:both the original ANLERR Tiva vaporizer and Titan II vaporizer are with high quality and good after sales service and not too much high price compared with most vaporizer model in markets.
Differences Between Original ANLERR TIVA vaporizer and Original Titan II vaporizer.

For start,Titan was a very popular non combustion dry herb vaporizer,and with steady quality for come out long time,it is still a good dry herb vaporizer for choosing if from the original factory.But Titan isnot suitable for sell anymore if want to popular your vaporizer brand and do the high end market.Because the copy Titan II is anywhere,and the quality is Chaos,price is Chaos,vapers can get a titan II vaporizer with very cost,but no guarrantee.So there are problems:supplier has no profits,even pay cost to get customers,then have to die.On the other hand,customers dnot have a safe vaping environment,the low quality dry herb vaporizer will harm therm a lot.On the other side,anlerr tiva vaporizer is new dry herb vaporizer 2017,it is designed by china top engineers who has developped many hot selling vaporizers modesl,and produced by a professional vaporizer factory who only produce dry herb vaporizer.The high quality control dry herb vaporizer,high vaporizer tech,keeps
Next,technology of Titan II cant match ANLER tiva vaporizer. Titan temperature control isnot accurate as anlerr Tiva vaporizer.Anlerr Tiva temperature cotrol is more flexible,it is 1F A grade,vapers can get a more suitable temperautre. Anlerr Tiva vaporizer used the isolated airflow tech which keeps the vaporizer more pure and health vaping.
Hope this vaporizer compare is helpful for you.