Pipevape dry herb vaporizer

Release date: 2021-07-02 browsing: 179

Anlerr Pipevape Dry Herb Vaporizer Review: A Dry Herb Vape Dressed Like Pipe

The Anlerr Pipevape Dry Herb Vaporizer (is that even English?) is a sleek-looking dry herb vaporizer that is shaped like an old-school tobacco pipe, you know, like the ones Albert Einstein smoked. Anlerr Pipevape Dry Herb Vape has a wide bowl, so it’s easy to grab on it and comfortable to hold.

I would have immediately fallen in love with this vaporizer if it was made of wood and had a real cherry-wood finish like it pretends to have because that would’ve been amazing, but unfortunately, the Anlerr Pipevape Dry Herb Vape is mostly made of plastic.

The Anlerr Pipevape Dry Herb Vape has a ceramic heating chamber located within the mouthpiece apparatus. The bowl of the pipe, where you would normally see a warm, tobacco-glow on a typical tobacco pipe is now replaced by an OLED screen that displays temperature and battery levels.

The 1000 mAh battery is, obviously, built into the machine and the temperature range on the Anlerr Dry Herb Vape runs from 300-435F, so, not a wide range, but it’s still within that high range of temperatures that are best for vaping dry herbs.

What’s Inside

In the box of the Anlerr Pipevape Dry Herb Vape you will find the following:

One Anlerr Pipevape vaporizer

One dab tool

One cleaning brush

Two silicone rings

One Micro USB charging cable

One user’s manual

One magnet ring