Best Huuka Electric Dab Rigs and E-Nails |Wax vape

Release date: 2020-10-28 browsing: 893356

Herbal extracts are a concentrated form of the essential oils of the plant, bypassing the plant material. These extracts require a lot of concentrated heat in order to vaporize efficiently. Originally people used what were known as “dab rigs” or “oil rigs”, essentially glass water pipes with a metal or glass rod or “nail”, which is heated by a blow torch. Once the nail is heated, the extract is touched to the nail and is vaporized and inhaled through the water pipe.This method for doing dabs was extremely cumbersome, not to mention dangerous because of the open flame from the blow torch.

This is why electronic dab rigs were invented. Electric dab rigs, also known as e-nails or e-rigs, work by using electricity to warm the heating chamber, otherwise known as an “atomizer” or “bucket”. Like their torch based counterparts, e-nails feature water filtration in the form of a “bubbler” which is

attached to the base of the electric dab rig providing smooth hits. The advantage to electric dab rigs is they usually offer temperature control, allowing you to fine tune your session, taking away the guess work or the need for a thermometer, like people would use with the blow torch.

For everyone out there who loves the flavor and feeling that cannabis gives them, it’s a golden time to be alive. More than half of the US considered legalization this year, and more will soon. Thanks to all that change, there are now more ways to vape more dry herb and cannabis concentrates than ever before. Sweet!

But it’s not always easy to choose which portable dab rigs are best, and that’s a problem. As the technology improves, there are more choices out there—and most of them are expensive. So which portable dab rig is best for the discerning cannabis connoisseur or the brand new medical marijuana patient?

That said, a few of us will never totally abandon our torches! Therefore, we have included one torch-and-burn model, and one smaller box mod option. We also included a portable dab rig that can also handle flower, because we believe in something for everyone and a vape for all.

As a team, we think these are among the best portable dab rigs on the market today, this post is here to explain why. Rest assured that any portable dab rig on this list is an excellent choice.

Ready to get your dab on? Let’s go.