How To Use Anlerr Carola Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

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Anlerr Carola Herb Vaporizer has launched on August 9th,2017.It is world first no combustion herb vaporizer use lighting numbers display instead of OLED display. It is a big step for dry herb vaporizer area.But How to use the Anlerr Carola herb vaporizer kit? To help consumers have right use for ANLERR Carola herb vaporizer,following are some instructions for first use.

Loading The Anlerr Carola Herb Vaporizer:

1)Caution: While using the Carola,portions of the device may reach high temperature.Wait until the device has completely cooled before handling.

2)When loading the Carola,remove the mouthpiece from the heating chamber lightly.

3)Apply your dry herbs into the heating chamber.Be sure not to over-pack the chamber or too tight as this can reduce airflow,effect the bake effective.

4)Once your products as been applied,re-attach the mouthpiece.

Turn On/Off ANLERR Carola:

1)To turn on the Carola by pressing the power button 5 times in rapidly succession.

2)When turned on,the Carola will begin heating according to your last time use temperature.

3)You can control the temperature by press increase or decrease button and swift the temperature mode.

4)You can start to vape after reaching setting temperature).

6)After 5 minutes consecutively work,the Carola will automatically shut down. This is the device’s safety power duration. To start your next session,simply repeat the process outline on this page.

7)To turn off the Carola, press the power button 5 times in rapidly succession. The system will automatically shut down too when meet breakdown ((If there is any temperature adjust operation,the work time will calculate from the moment release the button.)

Temperature Settings for Anlerr Carola:

1)The Carola temperature will be set at 375℉ when the device first time use,and is capable of reaching any temperature within the ranged of 300-435℉,

2)The Carola comes equipped with a built in memory function,and will automatically heat to your last temperature selected when turned on.

3)USE the “+ “or “-” button,you can increase or decease the desired temperature when it is heating, 1℉ is a grade,the temperature adjust can be circulate (it will back to 300℉ when the temperature increased to 435℉and keep press “+” button;it will back to 435℉ when the temperature decreased to 300℉ and keep press “-” button).

Charging and Battery Information:

1)The charging current is 700mA,please use 5V 1000mA charger to charge.

2)Indicator Light: 3 lights means 25% power,6 lights means 50% power,9 lights means 75% power,12 lights means 100% power.

3)It will take approximately 2  to 2.5 hours to charge full.

4)The Carola will stop heating when charging in its working time,and enter into charging situation to protect battery.

5)A full charge is recommended before first use.

Lighting Number Display:

1.Power Display

Press the power button for 3 seconds,the device will show the power.

2.Temperature Display.

It will swift to show temperature after 5 seconds of power display. The setting temperature will display when operate the temperature button,the heating temperature will display after releasing the button for 3 seconds.

3.Battery Low,shows “btL” and will turn off automatically

4.Malfunction Display.

Temperature Heat Detector Malfunction,shows “NTC”

Heating Chamber Checking Malfunction,shows “FPC”.

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