1)Anti International Fraud Warning
For international internet fraud is anywhere.It is benefit for both buyers and suppliers to be carefully when cooperation.
Please check your email,chat tools regularly to keep away stealing.
Please pay attention to the payment account changed email.
Please confirm the payment information carefully (make sure the PI,chat tool and Anlerr website account information are totally the same)before paying.Any account change information need to confirmed with the supplier by not only mail,but also phone and chat tools.

2)Order Place Warning.
Please choose the right model,right quantity,right color etc models before you placing order.
Please confirm the shipping way,payment way,and producing details with supplier before placing order.
Please confirm all the information on the PI carefully before placing order.

3)Brand Warning
With Anlerr vaporizer is increase hot sell,market may have copy models.
Please make sure you get the original Anlerr vaporizer from Anlerr or its distributors.
Anlerr is only responsible for products produced by them,not the copies.

4)Shipping Warning
With different vaporizer policy for each country.
Please make sure you can make custom clearance successfully for vaporizer series products before placing order.
Please tell which shipping way is most suitable for you before placing order.
Please tell any other important information,requirement or warning of vaporizer shipping before placing order.