With superior vaporizer pen technology and rich production experience,Anlerr will have several new vaporizers models for customers in each year. Except,wholesale customers,Anlerr is also looking for excellent distributors based on mutual benefit. Following are the details for distributors cooperation.

1)How to Apply for Distributors of Anlerr Vaporizer.
Customers can contact any sales or customer service person in Anlerr to inquiry the distributors.
Tell us which model and where you want to be the distributors.
Our Sales will send your a sheet to fill for the vaporizer model distributors investigation.
We will sign a Distributor contract if your conditions meet our requirement and you agree the requirement.
The both parts Start to perform the contract. Anlerr start to offers vaporizer according to contract,customers starts to place order and sell according to contract.

2)What is the Conditions to Be A Distributor
Customer is highly willing to be distributor of ANLERR’S vaporizer model.
Customer matches the model MOQ of distributors.
Customer will abide to the principles strictly according to the contract.

3)What is the Principle for Distributions.
Customers need to match MOQ for the distributor model as agreed,and can only sell distributor model in the agreed area.Or,customer will need to be responsible for any lost causes by the violate behavior.Supplier has right to get reasonable punishment to customer and quit execute the contract.
Anlerr can only sell the models to this customers in the agreed area,and offer agreed quantity products to customer. Customer has right to quit or cancel contract if any violation happened.